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Hello All,

As you all know I’m not afraid of a challenge or two so this year I will push myself both mentally and physically in a new direction – I’ve agreed to take part in the Great East Swim, a 5k open water swim in the lake at Alton Water in Suffolk.

One of the biggest barriers along with the distance will be the cooler water. Most indoor pools in the UK are maintained between 26 and 31 degrees, in the summer, rivers and lakes and the sea will range from low double digits to, very occasionally, something like 25 degrees. This means that even at the very warmest, open water is cooler than a swimming pool. Even when you get in your local swimming pool it can feel chilly, so with temperatures a possible 10 to 15 degrees cooler it will be a challenge.

I am taking part in the swim to raise money for The Mintridge Foundation, a charitable cause that I work closely with.

Please donate as much as you can to help support my wonderful chosen charity.

Best wishes,


The Mintridge Foundation’s Mission is to assist children and young people of all abilities and physical capabilities to develop confidence and resilience and raise awareness of the importance of mental and physical wellbeing through sport and positive sporting role models.

Their Ambassadors - Olympians, Paralympians and other professional sports stars from over 20 sports work with young people in schools, clubs and academies across the UK. They encourage inclusive sports participation for all, disability awareness, female empowerment, coping strategies for exam stress, increased confidence levels and life skills needed to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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