About us

The Mintridge Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to enhancing life skills in young people through sport. We provide a support network for young people by harnessing the power of positive sporting role models - our programmes are based on the different stories, journeys and messages of our passionate professional athletes. The Mintridge Foundation assists young people of all ages, abilities and physical capabilities to develop confidence and resilience, and creates awareness of the importance of mental and physical wellbeing through sport.

Since our conception in 2015, we have delivered over 160 programmes and impacted the lives of 40,000 children and young people across the UK. 

Our Ambassadors - Olympians, Paralympians and other professional sports stars from over 20 sports, work with young people in schools, clubs and academies across the UK. Visits include assemblies, coaching clinics and classroom sessions, inspiring inclusive sports participation for all, disability awareness, female empowerment and recognition of mental health and wellbeing issues. We have several Paralympic athletes and disabled sporting role models that work with us to highlight these agendas. We have delivered a wide range of disability-focused sporting activities, from wheelchair basketball to deaf football, and with participation from disabled and able-bodied participants.

Additionally, our Ambassadors provide one-to-one remote mentoring for students in a safeguarded environment, delivered via a specialist technology. This tailored technology allows Ambassadors to personalise their contact, creating a more meaningful interactive online programme- sharing news, photos and videos where objectives can be analysed and measured. Many of our mentees are gifted and talented athletes who benefit from the technical coaching expertise, however much of the softer mentoring focuses on the psychological demands of life, dealing with pressures and coping with setbacks.

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